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Zing House | An original taste of luxury

About Zing House

Located at a prime location in Sai Wan, Zing House is the destination for fine Guangdong cuisine and other classic dishes from different parts of China. From the creative mix of ingredient, presentation and services, to the dining environment and atmosphere, every detail manifests our commitment to perfection. We serve with passion and strive to present an exceptional fine dining experience evoking that of an exclusive club.。
With over 10 years of professional experience, Chef Yeung is known for his creative dishes inspired by the most unexpected ingredients. An expert on cold dishes as well as Shanghai, Sichuan and Huaiyang cuisines, he had garnered numerous titles in various cooking competitions, including two championships at the Gourmet Master Chefs Cooking Competition. The young chef’s exceptional creativity is best manifested in his signature dish that celebrates the freshness and tenderness of scallops with a unique blend of spices and selected ingredients.
Chef Yeung Chi MingChief Creative Chef

Fine Dining at its Best

With the finest ingredients sourced from different parts of China and the talented culinary team, Zing House impresses guests with its innovative Chinese-style Omakase dining experience filled with endless surprises.

Our Strong Team

Only a professional chef with remarkable creativity can fully unleash the beauty of the ingredients. With over 20 years of profound experience, our culinary team consists of revered masters acclaimed for their skills and savoir-faire. From Chef Tsui who specializes in multi-national cuisines to Chef Yeung with several prestigious accolades under his belt, the team is passionate about culinary art and celebrates the essence of Cantonese cuisine with original dishes that feature premium ingredients.

Our Philosophy

We believe that true luxury should be unique. With this in mind, the Zing House team carefully selects the best ingredients from all over the world for the creative menu that embodies the ingenuity and unrivalled culinary skills of the chefs. The unforgettable delicacies, the opulent private dining rooms and friendly staff complete an extraordinary gourmet experience that’s like no other.

A Sensational Journey

In order to ensure that customers can savour the beauty of every expertly prepared dish, the 30,000-square-foot Zing House replaced the traditional layout of a Chinese restaurant with 10 private dining rooms. With the bespoke services and well-equipped spaces, guests can feel at home as they enjoy the enticing culinary creations and great time together.

Enquiry and Reservation

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Shop 102-106, 1/F & Shop 7, G/F, Connaught Garden, 155 Connaught Road West, Western District

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